No Headache Foam" Sun Visor Hat - RED

No Headache Foam" Sun Visor Hat - RED

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  • NO HEADACHE: Made of lightweight EVA Foam Rubber, this is the ultimate No-Headache Visor. Flexibility and stretchy straps provide All Grip and No Slip so that the visor stays comfortably on your head without Hat-Hair. PERSONALIZE: Several different Variations, Colors, Designs and Patterns available. Choose the designs that fit your personality

ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Fashioning a curly lace strap, this visor allows you to fully adjust for your personal size needed, whether adult or child.

EASY TO CARRY: Ideal for Pickleball players and also can be used for casual daily wear, ideal for beach, gardening, camping, hiking, tourism, golf, jogging, running, walking or other sports and activities. Perfect for Travel and Day trips.


This is a "No Headache Foam" Sun Visor Hat made in USA.
It is very comfortable because it doesn't hurt your head!

It floats in the water and you can used it in the pool.
It is lightweight and it packs FLAT for travel.
It is easy to wear and it will not mess up your hair!

It makes a great gift for Pickleball players at all levels.